Our vision is an academic community without borders, a connected network of aspirational students committed to the advancement of knowledge and appreciation of the arts. UReCA fosters the exchange of intellectual and creative work between undergraduate students, providing a platform where students can engage with and contribute to the advancement of their individual fields.

UReCA was first conceived by Johnny MacLean (Southern Utah University) and Brian White (Graceland University) at an annual NCHC conference in Phoenix, Arizona. Their vision: an international undergraduate journal, peer reviewed and produced for the web by an interdisciplinary community of honors students. Our mission is to curate relevant, progressive and academic content that appeals to the undergraduate student. UReCA is sponsored by the National Collegiate Honors Council, and is currently managed, edited and produced by a team of ten undergraduate students from three different regions and a variety of backgrounds and disciplines. Though diverse, we share a common goal: the production of a prestigious national journal, for honors students, by honors students.