The Nebraska Beef Reports contain a summary of research conducted by scientists and graduate students in the Animal Science Department. The target audience for these reports are livestock producers, extension educators, and people in agri-business. The articles are written in a format and style with our Nebraska clientele in mind that is easy to read and understand.


Use of a Metabolizable Protein System to Predict Deficiencies in Diets of Cattle Grazing Sandhill Native Range and Subirrigated Meadow, Greg Lardy, Don C. Adams, Terry J. Klopfenstein, and Jim Lamb

Composting - A Feedlot Waste Management Alternative, Gary Lesoing, Terry J. Klopfenstein, and Daniel Duncan

Effect of Sorghum and Cornstalk Grazing on Crop Production, Gary Lesoing, Mark A. Schroeder, Drew Shain, Terry J. Klopfenstein, and James A. Gosey

Use of Direct Fed Microbials to Alleviate Subacute Acidosis, Shanna Lodge, Terry J. Klopfenstein, Rick Stock, and Dan Herold

Digestibility of Wet and Dry Distillers Grains from the Fermentation of Corn or Sorghum, Shanna Lodge, Rick Stock, Terry J. Klopfenstein, and Dan Herold

Evaluation of Wet Distillers Byproducts Composite for Finishing Ruminants, Shanna Lodge, Rick Stock, Terry J. Klopfenstein, Drew Shain, and Daniel Herold

Manipulation of Microbial Protein Degradation in the Rumen: Development of the "Smugglin Concept" to Control Protein Digestion, Humberto Madeira and Mark Morrison

Growth Implants for Steers, Terry L. Mader, James Dahlquist, and Robert Botts

Effect of Energy Source and Escape Protein on Receiving and Finishing Performance and Health of Calves, Rob McCoy, Rick Stock, Terry J. Klopfenstein, Mark Klemesrud, and Gene White

Winter Calf Grazing and Field Windbreaks, Cynthia Morris, Terry J. Klopfenstein, James R. Brandle, Rick Stock, Drew Shain, and Mark Klemesrud

Beef Production Systems from Weaning to Slaughter in Western Nebraska, Cynthia Morris, Ivan G. Rush, Burt Weichenthal, and Brad Van Pelt

Gelatinized High Added-Water Beef Connective Tissue Protein Gels as Potential Water Binders, Wesley N. Osburn and Roger W. Mandigo

Cellulose Adherence Factors in Ruminococcus albus, Randall Pegden and Mark Morrison

Evaluation of Levels of Wet Corn Gluten Feed and Addition of Tallow, Chris Richards, Rick Stock, and Terry J. Klopfenstein

Effects of Bovatec, Rumensin or GainPro Fed to Yearling Summer Grazing Steers, Ivan G. Rush, Burt Weichenthal, and Brad Van Pelt

Feeding Value of Light-Test Weight Corn for Growing and Finishing Steers, Ivan G. Rush, Burt Weichenthal, and Brad Van Pelt

Grazing Systems Utilizing Forage Combinations, Drew Shain, Terry J. Klopfenstein, Rick Stock, and Mark Klemesrud

Implant and Slaughter Time for Finishing Cattle, Drew Shain, Terry J. Klopfenstein, Rick Stock, and Mark Klemesrud

Roughage Source and Particle Size in Finishing Diets, Drew Shain, Rick Stock, Terry J. Klopfenstein, and Mark Klemesrud

The Incidence of Precocious Puberty in Developing Beef Heifers, Michael Wehrman and James E. Kinder

An Enzyme-Microbial Feed Product for Finishing Steers, Burt Weichenthal, Ivan G. Rush, and Brad Van Pelt

Predicting Wholesale Value of Beef Carcasses, Lee Weide, Chris R. Calkins, Tommy Wheeler, and Brian Quandt

Characterization of Ammonia Utilization by Prevotella ruminicola B1 4, Zezhang Wen and Mark Morrison

Use of Cell Culture to Study Muscle Growth in Beef Cattle, Timothy Woods, Carol Smith, and Steven J. Jones


1993 Beef Cattle Report


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